Tom’s Seat Leon Cupra

About This Project

Getting into cars only actually started mainly for me about 6 years ago. I’ve always liked looking at cars but only took a real interest in these past few years due to mates having highly modified cars which has resulted me into joining them!


I got involved with midnight lancs through Instagram in July last year and have been to nearly every single meet since.


Midnight lancs means a lot to me than a lot of people will ever realise as I’ve met so many amazing people that have become such great friends! It’s so easy to speak to people and there’s no judgment at all. Whatever you drive everyone will welcome you!


I’ve had 3 cars in my driving years.
A 2008 1.4 fiat grande punto for my first car which lasted about a year until the exhaust fell off up Rivington so I wanted something new especially with my insurance prices dropping.
My next car was a 2014 1.5 dci Renault Clio which I kept for four and a half year and in that time enjoying the pleasure of an engine failure which wasn’t fun! The best car for fuel saving though I could drive over 300 miles on £25!
My current car is a 2017 (66 plate) Seat Leon Cupra 290 black edition which I’d set on buying for a year and I absolutely love it!


Current modifications:

  • Vagsport Res delete
  • Forge carbon intake
  • Forge coolant relocation hose
  • RTS paddle performance clutch upgrade
  • Maxton front splitter and diffuser
  • Back 3 Windows limo tinted
  • Wind deflectors
  • Stickers inside and out.
  • Roof and spoiler wrapped gloss black.
  • Cupra door lock covers
  • Steering wheel alcantara cover stitched
  • Power flex dog bone mount insert
  • Forge turbo muffler delete
  • Dynamic sweeping wing mirrors indicators
  • Rear wiper delete
  • Private Reg


Future mods:

  • Tuning at the start of March
  • Custom steering wheel re-trim (might be done in the next week or two just waiting for it arrive)
  • Back grey bumper insert painted gloss black
  • Alloys powder coated gloss black
  • All front grey bumper grills painted gloss black
  • Possible turbo upgrade
  • Wagner intercooler
  • Oem/maxton side skirts


I am also an official photographer for midnight lancs so you will see me all around the place at every meet taking photos of everyone’s cars ready for editing and uploading in the upcoming days. All my photos will be posted on my Instagram page and in the WhatsApp chats. Please feel free to come and have a chat with my about anything as I’m very easy going and don’t be shy to ask for any pictures!

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