Misha’s Toyota Celica

About This Project

Misha: Owner of Midnight Lancs

Misha’s passion for her Toyota Celica T-Sport Gen 7 in black goes beyond mere ownership; it extends to the realm of community building. In a visionary move, Misha founded “Midnight Lancs,” a thriving car club that has become a beacon for like-minded individuals seeking a welcoming and accepting place in the car scene. Through this club, she has created a platform where enthusiasts can meet, connect, and embrace creative freedom, forming lasting bonds and unforgettable memories.

Aesthetics that Turn Heads

Misha’s love for the Celica started with her first purchase, and with each iteration, she has pushed the boundaries of style and customization. Her fourth Celica, a T-Sport Gen 7 in black, has undergone a striking transformation that sets it apart from the rest. The first thing that catches the eye is the lowered stance, sitting 40 mm closer to the ground on Eibach springs, giving it a sleek and aggressive presence on the road.

Customized Bodywork and Teal Accents

Misha’s vision for her Celica included distinctive teal accents to complement her vibrant hair color. A carbon fiber effect spoiler, generously donated from another Celica, adds a touch of aerodynamic flair, while aftermarket alloys and a rear diffuser enhance the car’s sporty appeal. Custom decals in teal blue adorn the bodywork, personalizing the car and tying together the black and teal theme flawlessly.

Performance Upgrades and Full Straight Pipe Exhaust

While aesthetics are essential, Misha’s Celica is not just for show. She has equipped it with a C1 hood scoop to improve engine cooling, optimizing performance. The real highlight, however, is the full straight pipe custom exhaust, providing an exhilarating soundtrack to accompany the car’s impressive acceleration. The roar of the exhaust adds to the visceral driving experience and leaves a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to witness the Celica in action.

JDM Plates and Future Plans

To complete the package, Misha proudly displays Japanese plates from the sponsor, Prestige Plates, adding an authentic touch to the car’s overall appeal. But this is just the beginning of Misha’s journey with her Celica. She has big plans for the future, including getting the paintwork sorted, potentially exploring a new and daring color to elevate the car’s uniqueness even further.

Unleashing the Full Potential

Misha’s dream doesn’t end with the current modifications. Body kits are on her radar for future enhancements, aiming to give her Celica an aggressive and purposeful appearance. She envisions a set of custom headlights that will not only provide better visibility but also add an extra layer of distinctiveness to the car’s front end. To achieve the perfect stance and handling, coilovers are also in the pipeline, promising to elevate the Celica’s performance to even greater heights.

A Welcoming Haven for Car Enthusiasts

Midnight Lancs was born out of Misha’s desire to create a space where car enthusiasts could share their passion without judgment or prejudice. The club’s ethos of acceptance and inclusivity has remained steadfast since its inception, making it a haven for individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, and automotive preferences. Misha’s vision was clear: to build a community where everyone felt valued and respected, regardless of their car’s make, model, or modifications.

From Humble Beginnings to Spectacular Heights

What started as a modest gathering of four cars at a mini meet has blossomed into something truly remarkable. Midnight Lancs has grown exponentially, organizing large-scale events that draw car enthusiasts from far and wide. One shining example is the Leyland Festival, where over 30,000 people gather to celebrate their love for automobiles and camaraderie. Misha’s tireless dedication to the club’s principles has attracted a devoted following, turning Midnight Lancs into a driving force in the local car scene.

A Family of Enthusiasts

Misha may have founded Midnight Lancs, but the club’s success is undoubtedly a collective effort. The club’s remarkable growth and positive impact on the community are a testament to the incredible team she has assembled. This group of like-minded individuals shares a passion for creating memorable events and experiences. United by their love for cars and a shared vision, the team at Midnight Lancs has become a close-knit family that works together in harmony.

A Promising Future

As Midnight Lancs continues to thrive, it is clear that this car club is here to stay. Misha’s unwavering commitment to the core values of acceptance and creativity ensures that the club will remain a beacon of unity in the car scene for years to come. Opportunities to further develop the club and enrich the local community will undoubtedly continue to present themselves. The potential for growth is limitless, and as long as there are car enthusiasts seeking connection and creative expression, Midnight Lancs will be there to welcome them with open arms.


Misha’s Toyota Celica T-Sport Gen 7 in black represents more than just an impressive car; it is the catalyst for the birth of Midnight Lancs, a car club that fosters unity, acceptance, and creativity in the automotive community. From humble beginnings, Midnight Lancs has grown into a force to be reckoned with, hosting events that attract thousands of enthusiasts. Fuelled by a passionate team that feels like family, the club’s future shines brightly. As Misha and her team continue to steer Midnight Lancs forward, there’s no doubt that this welcoming and accepting community will continue to positively impact the lives of car enthusiasts and local communities for many years to come.

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