Joe’s MK6 Fiesta ST150

About This Project

I’m Joe one of the admins for midnight lancs and I drive a MK6 Fiesta ST150 in performance blue.


My love for cars started really young and it was because of my brother. We used to have little car meets with hot wheels cars and even see who could build the strongest car out of Lego and test them by throwing them down the stairs (strange I know) When he got his first car a Peugeot 206 I watched him modify it with a GTI bodykit and a sub and amp, that’s where my love of modifying cars came from.


The mods on my car are:

  • TRC front splitter
  • MK2 Focus RS bonnet vents
  • TRC bonnet lip
  • Angel eye headlights
  • Custom colour changing foglights
  • Ramair induction
  • Sportex exhaust
  • Homemade rear diffuser
  • Auto specialist stainless steel engine and battery cover
  • Bucket seats
  • OMP wheel and boss
  • Kenwood double din stereo
  • Billet aluminium shift nob
  • Leather st gear gaitor
  • Midnight lancs sunstrip
  • Tinted rear lights
  • Ford Mondeo wing mirror deflectors
  • Team heko wind deflectors
  • Blue LED interior lighting
  • Stance + coilovers
  • JF performance silicone hoses
  • Painted interior plastics
  • Colour matched steering wheel centre
  • Colour matched foglight surrounds
  • 6x9s in the door cards
  • Rear window tints
  • Debadged
  • MTX ported sub and Planet audio amplifier


My future mods for the car are as follows:

  • Flocked A pillars with a pod set up for gauges
  • Black headliner
  • Stripped rear and K brace
  • A mystery engine swap đź‘€
  • And finally a nice set of alloys to finish the build.


However no project car is ever finished so the list may change over time.


I got into midnight lancs when someone I know mentioned about a group of cars congregating close to where I lived so naturally I went down to see, there I was greeted by lots of great people most of which have become good friends of mine. I received a really warm welcome and had a lot of people want to speak to me about my car. As I went to more and more meets I realised that you dont need the latest or fastest car to fit in, all it took was a love for cars, no matter what you drive you get made to feel welcome and there is no criticism because everyone has to start somewhere.


My first car was a xray blue MK6 Fiesta 1.25, I was given the car for my 17th birthday off my Dad but I had to pay to get the car through an MOT. I modded the car by adding a hornet exhaust system, st interior, AMAX 35mm lowering springs and tinted rear lights, I had the car for 7months before I ran out of talent on a country road and it ended up in a bush.
The car I bought next was a Citroen C2 1.1, I didn’t have the car long before I saw a smashed up ST for sale which i bought and fixed up to what it is now.

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