Alex’s BMW M4 Competition

About This Project

Hey guys, I’m Alex, one of the admins for Midnight Lancs. I live in the Wigan area and I drive a BMW M4 Competition.


I joined Midnight Lancs in July 2020 through Instagram. Since then, I’ve met so many great people. The club means a lot to me; it’s a judgement-free zone for every walk of life, be it cars or who you are, and there’s a true sense of family. One of my hobbies is cinematography. I film and edit for Midnight Lancs, and support the Midnight Lancs YouTube Channel. You can expect to start seeing content very soon.


My love for cars started on car games I played as a kid, stand outs are Driver 2, Midnight Club 3, Juiced 2, LA Rush and Test Drive Unlimited. I’ve always loved cars and it was only a couple of years ago I started getting involved with the car scene and sharing my passion with others. I’m a lover of all cars and having a true drivers car is more important to me than anything else, it’s all about the experience.


I’ve been driving 8 years and had quite a variety of cars, I grew up around Fords so I naturally gravitated towards those first, plus whatever I could get insured on.


– My first car was a Mk2 Ford KA with the Grand Prix 2 trim. Perfect first little car that I had lots of great memories in, and it had a lot of character.
– My second car was a Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST180. Good all-rounder that was a great introduction in to more performance focused cars.
– After that I had an Abarth 500. Properly good little car that sounded amazing and handled like a go-kart, plus a great owners community. Always recommend these to those thinking of getting one!
– Then I had a Nissan 370z. Great character, great GT car, discovered my love for Japanese engineering. I made my first ever mod to this car which was straight piping it… (do not recommend…!)
– After that I had a Honda Civic Type R FK2 (the first turbo charged model Honda released). I went to town on modifying this car and really made it my own. Brilliant car, great hot hatch, absolute weapon.
– During my Type R ownership I caught the Honda bug, and bought a Honda s2000. Put simply, it’s the best drivers car I’ve ever owned. I can talk about s2k’s forever so if you’re a lover or want to know more, just hmu!


My current car is a BMW M4 Competition.  A true modern drivers car, amazing for the track, fun on b-roads whilst also being a great daily.


Current Mods:
– BM3 Stage 1 tune ready to go on
– M4 GTS software flash and various coding
– Eventuri panel filters
– 12mm and 15mm Bimecc spacers
– Various exterior carbon bits
– M4 specific reg
– Rear light and reflector tints


Future Mods:
– Considering lowering springs
– Would love to do a single turbo conversion
– Wheel colour change or new wheels


There’s lots to look forward to in Midnight Lancs, so I’m glad to be here for the journey.




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